If You Want a Man Now, Skip the Look and the Food, Just Turn on a Football Game

Few events are more influenced by the male psyche than the start of, not the fall season, but the football season.

Be it college or pro competition, football has become the most popular sport in America for several reasons:

1) Pro football teams play once of week; baseball and basketball teams play multiple games in a week. Playing once a week is perfect; you have 6 days to analyze the most recent win or loss, enough time to celebrate or commiserate.

2) Pro football has a 16-game regular season schedule in 4 months. Baseball has a 162-game regular schedule in 6 months that averages 23 games a month. Basketball has an 82-game regular schedule in 7 months and, including the playoffs, drones on for 9 months—from October to June. Talk about dull and monotonous. You could die waiting for the baseball and basketball seasons to end. No wonder their ratings are down.

3) Football is a continuous, violent, smash-mouth game that became the perfect substitute when the gladiators and lions left the coliseum in Rome. Baseball can border on the boring, and basketball has action but too little defense to qualify as a team sport.

4) Because football games happen only once a week, you can come out with a sane timetable for scores, standings, ratings and rankings. Baseball and basketball are impossible to tabulate in any meaningful way, especially when it comes to the legal and illegal business of laying money on games (betting).

5) Football is a weekend game, with most high school games on Friday night, college football on Saturday, and pro football on Sunday. Yes, football has become greedy, with limited action on Monday and Thursday, but fans are still best able to attend games on the weekend when the business of making a living can wait.

6) Boys throw rocks, jump into water, climb trees, wrestle and fight each other. Football has some rules, but there is no other game where you have so many ways to legally hurt someone very badly and get cheered for it. Men respect, and women love, a guy who can talk the talk, and then walk and walk. Football was made for a good fight, and heroes; just ask Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.

It is clear that a guy’s focus becomes better, his heart beats faster, and he wants to compete by hitting an opponent quicker and harder when football season starts. Not to mention that there is also beer, noise, competition and victory in sight.

It is said the businesses in American now lose billions in lost productivity during football season because of office pools, office buzz and fantasy football action. Pro football has already played exhibition games and college football starts in a week. How could work possibly compete?

How indeed. Now, let me see the schedule, and pass over a brewski.

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