Just When You Thought That Customer Service Was Dead in America, Along Comes Lasko

There is nothing like a space heater that works in the dead of winter. Imagine my surprise when I turned on my heater in June and discovered that it was NOT working, the one that had worked for years, without fanfare.
My basement is my home office, and it is normally 10-12 degrees cooler than the upstairs. That’s what happens when you live in a split-level house built in the early 1970s.

When my heater doesn’t work, my feet get cold, when my feet get cold, my body gets cold, when my body gets cold, I am distracted and cannot work. As a writer, when my work ceases, my cash flow ceases. This was a major crisis.

I wanted a new heater, and could not even tell you the make of the heater I had. It worked like a champ, wore like iron, and nothing but the same make and model would do. After picking up the heater, I was reminded that it is a Lasko heater, and, sure enough, there was an 800 number listed on the housing.

Two minutes later I realized that it was summer, and none of the stores were carrying heaters, it was all about fans. Panic set in. In desperation, I call Lakso. A customer service rep answers, a real person, not a recording with prompts. 

I share with him my plight: I am desperate. I will pay top dollar to get another Lasko heater, just like the one I took for granted, not realizing what a find I had all these years, just please tell me where I can buy one in my area.

You could have knocked me over with a single shot of Jameson when the customer service rep, who asked for the model number, informed me that my model had been recalled some years ago. Couldn’t prove it by the performance of my Lasko heater. 

Nonetheless, the customer service rep informed me that Lasko would send me–at its expense–a box to return the heater I had, and replace it with a brand new heater of similar quality and style. All of this at Lasko’s expense.

Heck, I was willing to pay for a new one because the one I had for years worked so well. And now I was being offered a brand new replacement at absolutely no expense to me.

I could have sworn that–based on banks, financial institutions, law firms, cheap retailers, scam artists and associated lower life forms–that, except for Nordstrom and Kohl’s, where my wife shops–that customer service had been dead in America for some time.

I stand corrected. Lasko has made a believer out of me based on the exceptional service I did not even ask for, and received.

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